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Felix Gutierrez and William Robertson

                  Personal Chefs

  Partners With Embassy Kosher Caters

       Upscale Kosher Catering That Is                    Downright Affordable


Upgrade To Ultra Premium Sliders

Baby Cubano Sliders with Sour Pickles, Sweet Rosemary Ham, Pork Tenderloin, Dijon Aioli

Colby Beef Or Free Range Chicken

In House Made Corn Beef Or Pastrami Rubin Style 

All Of The Above Are Garnished Beautify and Can be Made Without Cheese Made Into An Action Station And Can Be Allergen

Succulent Jumbo Lump Crab ProsciuttoStuffed Figs Beautifully finished With Imperial Sauce

Premium Picked Red And Green Leaf Lettuce Wraps Succulently Stuffed With Made Delicately

Plenty Of Choices Peking Asian Style With Wakami Salad, Sprouts, Shredded Carrot, Highly Seasoned Steamed Rice Finished With Asian Sesame Vinaigrette  Choice Of Grilled Chicken, Beef, Pulled Pork or Fried Eggplant or Tofu

This Dish Can Be Upgraded  With  Premium Duck Breast,U-10  Succulent Shrimp, Beautifully Grilled Lobster Or Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna

Our Take On Curry Bringing It Onto CATERCHEFS Level Of Specialty Items

Seedless Cucumber Ripe Mango and Seasoned Black Bean Tri pepper, Fresh Coriander Leaves, Shallots   Fresh Lemon Olive Oil, Green Chili Finished with Agave

Choice Of Grilled Chicken, Beef, Pulled Pork, Baby Shrimp or Fried Eggplant or Tofu This Item Can Be Upgraded With Duck Breast, U-10 Succulent Shrimp, Beautifully Grilled Lobster Or Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna

Imported Italian Antipasto Meat and Cheese Skewers

Gorgeous Chicken or Vegetable Spring Rolls with Hand Crafted Chipotle Raspberry Sauce, Shredded Carrots and Alfalfa Sprout. This Item Can Be Made into Ultra Premium Shrimp Or Lobster Rolls

Ridiculously Delicious Quesadilla’s with Black Beans, Monterey Jack, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno, Fresno, Cilantro, Tri-Color Peppers, Red Onion and  Mango Pico De Gallo Choice of Meats And Hand Crafted Styles
Slow Simmered Bourbon Shredded Steak, Pork Or Hand Pulled Slow Roasted Bourbon Chicken
Cilantro Lime Chimichurri Grilled Steak, Chicken Or Baby Shrimp
Ultra Premium Cilantro Lime Chimichurri Lobster Can Be Upgraded

We Hand Roll Our Premium All Beef Jumbo Pigs in a Blanket And Showcased It With NY Deli Mustard

Hand Made Mini Beef Wellingtons Perfectly Cooked To Perfection Served With Your Choice of

Freshly Whipped Hollandaise

Hand Crafted Mascarpone Shitake, Oyster and Portobello Masala,

Delectable Roasted Garlic Bourbon

Sauce Robert A Highly Seasoned Demi Glace Onions, Mustard and White Wine Simmered Gently To  Ensure Excellence

Omega's  Meatballs A Secret Family Recipe, Hand Blended Spices, Prime Ground Beef Served With Your Choice of

Hand Crafted Mascarpone Shitake, Oyster and Portobello Masala

Delectable Roasted Garlic Bourbon

Creamy Swedish

Imported Parmigiano-Reggiano Hand Rolled Delicately Topped With Pomodoro

Pan Seared Imported Australian Baby Lamb Chops  Oven Finished  With your choice of 

Brown Sugar Dijon Rosemary Panko Encrusted Seasoned Demi Glace Dipped Chop

Mint Mango Panko Encrusted Seasoned Demi Glace Dipped Chop

Curried Vegetable Panko Encrusted Seasoned Demi Glace Dipped Chop

All Pan Seared To Perfection And Decadently Garnished 

Mini Premium Sliders, We Offer Many Varieties Of Meats and Styles

Whether It's Our Premium All Beef Burgers, Dogs, White Meat Chicken, Pulled Pork, Smoked Sausage, Meatball Or Vegan Mixed Bean Vegetable.

All Can Be Ordered With Your Choice Of A Topping. 50 Pieces Minimum Order Per Topping

House BBQ, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon American Cheese And Micro Greens, An All American Favorite

Home Made Peach Mango, Salsa Monterey Jack, Micro Cilantro And Fresh Lime, For That Latin Flair

Basil Infused Pomodoro With Fresh Baby Mozzarella And A hint off Seasoned  Ricotta Finished With Micro Basil

Caramelized Vidalia Onion Cooked With Sherry And Wild Mushroom Topped With Gruyere Cheese

Sweet Bourbon Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Black Bean Chili

Scratch Green Apple Sauerkraut, Apple Wood Bacon 

Lightly Breaded Pan Fried, Grilled Chicken Lollypops Or Sliders. Made With Love With your choice of 

 Plum Wine Asian Ginger
  Hand Crafted Mascarpone Shitake, Oyster and Portobello Masala
   Roasted Garlic Bourbon
    Cilantro Lime Chimichurri
     Mongolian Style 
      Bourbon Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Topped With Brie Finished With A Berry Coulis
       Basil Infused Pomodoro With Fresh Baby Mozzarella And A hint off Seasoned  Ricotta 

         All Pan Fried To Perfection And Garnished Beautifully

Hand Toasted Risotto Served in a variety of ways

Grilled Baby Asparagus 

Tender Grilled Chicken

Sautéed Pesto Baby Shrimp 

Sautéed Truffled Wild Tri Mushroom

All cooked to perfection To Amaze You. All Garnished Beautify In Mini Martini Glasses

Premium Grilled Steak  All White Meat Grilled Chicken Skewers Served with your choice of 

Plum Wine Asian Ginger

 Hand Crafted Mascarpone Shitake, Oyster and Portobello Masala

  Roasted Garlic Bourbon

   Cilantro Lime Chimichurri

    Mongolian Style 

     Yakatori Skewer Scratch Miso-Sake and Baby Scallion

       All Grilled To Perfection And Garnished Beautifully

The Sweetest Fruit Gazpacho Shooters. We offer a Wide Selection For You To Choose From


Mango Guava

Passion fruit





Watermelon Jalapeño

All Versions Can Be Infused with Alcohol For an Upgrade Option

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Tri Pepper And Cherry Tomato Vegan Short Stacks Served with A Basil Balsamic Infused Reduction

Buttered Extra Virgin Oil Gruyere Grilled Cheese with A Vine Ripe Basil Tomato Bisque Shooters and Chive

Super Signature Premium Upgrade To Vine Ripe Basil Tomato Bisque Shooters Stuffed With

Garlic White Meat  Grilled Chicken

Apple Wood Smoked Bacon

Farm Fresh Shitake, Oyster and Portobello Mushroom


Ultra Signature Premium Upgrade To Vine Ripe Tomato Bisque Shooters With

Sage Sautéed Fresh Lobster

Succulent Baby Shrimp 

Impeccability Baked Famous Focaccia Bread Mini Baked Pizza Served With Your Choice Of Toppings

Farm Fresh Ripe Cherry Tomato, Baby Fresh Mozzarella, Micro Basil, Topped with a Mango Balsamic Reduction

Precision Sautéed Prime Shitake, Oyster and Portobello Mushroom, Garlic, Red Onion Made With Prime Truffle Oil, Can Be Upgraded With Apple Wood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon

Hoisin Peking Duck,

Mandarin Orange, Goat Cheese, Scallion With a Wasabi Demi Glace

Chorizo Apple Wood Smoked Chicken Sausage Finished With Baby Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato

Spanakopita,  Phillo Dough individually Made with Sautéed Garlic Spinach, Imported Feta Cheese Uniquely Married Together For Your Enjoyment 

Chef's Carpresse Fresh Basil Fresh Baby Mozzarella and Farm  Cherry Tomato Skewers Coated with Our Own Balsamic Reduction

Authentic Cashew Pad Thai Made

With Shelled Edamame, Shredded Carrots, Exotic Mushroom, Red Cabbage, Cilantro, Bean Sprout, Cashew Pieces Served in Takeout Chinese Food Containers with Chopsticks This Item Can Be Premium Upgraded With Chicken Or Beef Or Ultra Premium Upgraded Ahi, Shrimp, Scallop Or Lobster

Grandma's Special Potato Latke’s with  Our Signature 3 Apple Blended Sauce Finished With Crème Fraiche. This Item Can Be Upgraded With Imported Caviar

Jumbo Stuffed Imported Olives. Hand Crafted Fillings With A Variety Of Choices
Imported Italian Gorgonzola Dolce And Extra Crispy Apple Wood Smoked Bacon
Caramelized Red Onion, Gorgonzola Dolce And Crispy Chorizo
Fresh Mozzarella Grape Tomatoes
Vegan Roasted Vegetable Medley

Pepperoncini Stuffed with Feta, Calamata Olive, Prosciutto with A hint Of Dill Lemon And Olive Oil. This Item Can Be Infused with Alcohol As an Upgrade Option

Pimento, Garlic Imported Italian Pepperoncini Verdi Spicy Peppers And Gorgonzola Dolce Soft Blue Cheese. This Item Can Be Infused with Alcohol As an Upgrade Option

Premium Ceviche Is Marinated In Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Picked Garlic, Fresh Cilantro And Red Onion. We have plenty of options and if you have a special request WE CAN DO IT!!!

Peruvian Ceviche With Premium Market Fresh Sole And Jalapeño
Market Fresh Certified Salmon Finished With Imported Caviar
Select Octopus Perfectly Steamed and Chilled Blended With the Freshest Hawaiian Pineapple Available 
Prime Sea Scallop, Sweet Mango and Our Famous Tri Pepper Blend
Steamed and Chilled Farm Raised Baby Shrimp
All Served in Delicate Endive Boats Beautifully Garnished
Ultra Premium Upgrade Options Include
Sliced Sushi Grade Ahi, A Splash Of Plum Wine and Jalapeno
Shrimp, Sea Scallop, Squid and Market Fresh Fish Ripe Tomato, Tri Peppers  and Jalapeño
Sweet Rose Champagned Prime Lobster All Served in Premium Mini Martini Glasses, Beautifully Garnished With Imported Caviar
Unbelievable Premium Lobster and Fillet Minion Skewers The Lobster is Perfectly Steamed and Filet Perfectly Grilled Coated with a Balsamic Mango Reduction

Sesame Seared Premium Sushi Grade Ahi Tataki with Pickled Ginger Wakame Salad Fresh Wonton Crisp Dressed with Creamy Wasabi Aioli

Amazing Seared Sea Scallop Skewers Perfectly Seasoned on the outside with a light crust and tender on the inside. Served With  Caterchefs Ultimate Sundried Tomato Infused Clarified Butter. This Item Can Ultra Premium With U-10 Jumbo Sea Scallop

Ultra Premium Lobster, Shrimp and Scallop Skewers Delicately Seasoned To Perfection With a Garlic Sage Infused Clarified Butter

Prime Maine Lobster Bruschetta Premium Imported Caviar, Micro Cilantro and Hand Crafted Dill Aioli

Sesame Seared Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna with Pickled Ginger, Cucumber With Creamy Wasabi Aioli

Panko Encrusted Lump Crab Meat Tri-Peppers Hand Blended with a Roasted Spicy Chipotle Aioli

Gingered Miso Glaze Seared Swordfish or Sea Bass Cubes Delicacy Seared To Perfection

Seasoned Seared Shrimp Cocktail Served hot or cold This Item Can Ultra Premium With U-10 Jumbo Shrimp